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OK Go on treadmills

I have to admit I’ve seen this video on TV several times now, and it never fails to amuse me. The video always looked grainy, in that Flash video sort of way, so I often wondered if it was pulled from online.

Apparently, it was.

I’m not sure why this video always puts a smile on my face, but it does. Maybe its the creative use of treadmills, or the fact that a couple of them look like they could use it a bit more often.

Yahoo also has a write up on OK Go and their now viral treadmill video, which is how I found the above link.

Ten Shekel Shirt

Mmmm. Listening to Ten Shekel Shirt right now. “Healer”. Good stuff. I’ve had the album for a while but just recently started listening to it frequently. I also like “Ocean” and “Unashamed Love”.

And as Pat Robertson would say “If you’re not listening to Ten Shekel Shirt right now, you’re going to Hell.”