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The dude who gets my money

I typically don’t write about my cartoon obsession here, but I recently ran across one that seemed appropriate.

This is Zits from 7/14/2007, in which Jeremy, the main character, learns a harsh reality about life.

FICA got my money

I bring this up on my blog because I became more acutely aware of how much “that FICA dude” was getting when I became self employed. When you start writing the checks yourself, as opposed to your employer taking the money out before you even see it, there is an even more stark realization.

Dead video card

The video card in my Dual G5 Power Mac, my main development machine, just died. It just draws green vertical stripes all over the place, doing its artistic impression of astro-turf.

It was an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, with 128 MB, and had so much to live for, namely rendering C++/Objective-C code in Xcode (at least that’s what I tell my clients). It will be missed.

Unfortunately, that is the machine with my iTunes collection and RSS subscriptions, my two main forms of distractions. So until it is replaced, I will be forced to work.

..although I suppose I could turn on Voice Over and see how accessible all the different apps are…

No, no, work is what I’ll be doing. Definitely. Especially if you’re the one looking at my timecards. Please pay promptly.