I want to give an update on how the release of my first product, Illuminate, is going. The software itself is complete — actually it’s been done for well over a month — but the website is still in the final stages of being finished and the last bit of messaging completed.

One thing that I’ve learned through all of this is how badly I suck at estimating how long it will take other people to do their part. Sure, venders will give a time estimate of the task, but it doesn’t always take into account their other responsibilities, such as working for other clients, eating, or sleeping. Just because the work only takes 40 hours, doesn’t mean it’ll be done in one week; it could be two or three depending on what else is on the vendor’s plate.

All that to say: this whole product launching thing is taking way longer than I thought it would.

So I can’t say exactly when the Fortunate Bear/Illuminate launch will happen, other than “soon.” If you’d like to know exactly when, you can sign up for my newsletter or follow Fortunate Bear on Twitter.