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Moving Sample Code to BitBucket

I went through all the sample code projects on this blog and moved them to Mercurial repositories on my BitBucket account. I did this so the code would be searchable and so I can accept pull requests on them. A lot of the old projects won’t compile with recent versions of Xcode, and most don’t have iOS ports. This gives me the option of accepting patches that add those kinds of improvements.

Log Leech 1.5 updates Mac version, introduces iOS version

A new version of Log Leech is out today. It updates the Mac version by doing some UI clean up, improving HTML export, adding a log entry detail view, and improving performance and stability. In addition, version 1.5 introduces a universal iOS version of the app. The iOS version is quite similar to the Mac version; the main difference is instead of providing an export function, it allows you to email the logs to the address of your choice.

The 1.5 release for Mac is free for existing customers, and $9.99 for new customers. It can be found either in Fortunate Bear’s online store or Apple’s Mac App Store. The iOS version is $4.99, and can be found in the App Store.

See the press release for more information.