It has come to my attention that Scott Anguish has made the decision to pull Stepwise offline. You can read all the details at Stepwise, but the basic gist of it is, someone took some of Scott’s articles, republished them without permission, and misrepresented Scott’s feelings about the direction of Mac OS X.

Although I’m not a lawyer and can’t offer any legal advice or support, I can do something. First, I can express my displeasure at someone who claims to be part of the Mac developer community treating Stepwise, or any other developer for that matter, in this manner. I can ask Rixstep to remove the copyrighted material. Finally, I can inform the audience of this blog about what’s going on.

Scott, via Stepwise, has been instrumental in my journey with Mac OS X programming. When I was first getting acquainted with Cocoa in the OS X Beta days, I often found myself over at Stepwise, checking out the tutorials. When I began writing tutorials on this blog, Scott would link to some of them. I often used Stepwise as a barometer as to how relevant my posts were.

I hope that Rixstep will relent, and remove the offending material. It would be best for the Mac developer community if Stepwise came back.