If you’ve followed this blog for any time you’re probably aware of my series of articles on how to implement boolean operations for vector graphics. As part of that series I created some sample code called VectorBoolean to demonstrate the principles.

If you used the sample code in one of your projects, you may have noticed it had several bugs of varying severity. Fortunately, I recently spent some time fixing many bugs, and adding enhancements to deal with some of the more complicated scenarios. You can find the most recent version in the BitBucket repo.

These fixes were possible due to the gracious funding of Mapdiva, makers of Artboard, which incidentally is using this new version of VectorBoolean. You might also recognize them as being the creators of DrawKit.

If you would like to use VectorBoolean but need some bug fixes or enhancements, I am willing to do them for a reasonable fee. If interested, email me at fortunatebear.com, with my first name as username. I don’t have immediate availability, and there’s already a queue, so please keep that in mind.