For the uninformed, NSConference is a Mac developer’s conference put on by Scotty “The Scottster” Scott and his faithful sidekick, Tim “The Faithful Sidekick” Isted. They’re kind of the Batman and Robin of the Mac programming conference world, but have a slightly lower probability of bat-gassing you than the real dynamic duo.

This year they aren’t content with bringing conference justice to only the UK, so they’re branching out to the good ‘ole U.S. of A. by way of Atlanta, GA. To help you decide which conference you should attend, US or Europe, I’ve prepared the following quiz:

  1. What is your opinion of Seattle?

    1. It’s nice, but isn’t nearly rainy or dreary enough.
    2. I like their coffee.
    3. The residents have too many teeth.
  2. Describe your driving habits

    1. I like to drive on the left side of the road.
    2. I like to drive on both sides of the road.
    3. I like to merge right six lanes without signaling while going 147 mph on the off ramp and giving the finger with both hands in my black Camaro.
  3. The pinnacle of human achievement is…

    1. Afternoon tea
    2. Sliced bread
    3. Hee Haw

Scoring: Give yourself -1 points for any 1 answer, 0 points for any 2 answer, and 1 point for any 3 answer.

If you scored is less than zero, you should attend NSConference Europe; if greater than zero, NSConference USA. If you scored exactly zero, you are truly a cultured individual and should attend both.

Personally, I’ll be attending both, and not just because of peer pressure and insightful quizzes. I’ll be presenting a talk on how to implement a watercolor brush using Core Image and OpenCL and maybe some duct tape. If you enjoy the graphics articles that I post here, you’ll probably enjoy my presentation. If not, I hear Steve “I’m Batman” Scott does a mean Adam West impression.