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Illuminate 1.1 is out

Illuminate 1.1 is out now. It’s a small feature update including:

  • Support for cycling through tabs, although its currently limited to Safari tabs. As you’re cycling through windows, the tabs will appear beneath the windows.

  • A complete, in application help file explaining all the features Illuminate provides.

  • A new front end application to manage the preferences. This prevents the preferences window from getting lost behind all the other windows. It also now shows up in Illuminate itself.

It’s a free update for existing customers, US$9.99 for new customers. Version 1.1 is also the first version you can find in Apple’s Mac App Store. You can read the entire press release if you’d like.

Illuminate 1.0.2: Ready for Lion & Minor Fixes

Illuminate 1.0.2 is now available as a free update to existing customers. New customers can buy it from Fortunate Bear’s store.

There have actually been two releases since Illuminate 1.0: 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. I didn’t announce 1.0.1 before because it only contains compatibility fixes for Lion, and until Lion is released the fixes don’t help anyone.

The 1.0.2 release includes several bug fixes and minor enhancements. Originally they were going to go into the first 1.x minor feature update, but that’s taking longer than I originally expected. Here’s the changes in the 1.0.2 update:

  • Fixed problem where grouped windows were not grouped together in Cycle Windows. Includes Adobe document windows, Xcode 4 windows, and Safari’s Top Sites windows.

  • Changed Cycle All Windows feature to be always visible in the menu, so users can find the functionality.

  • Fixed a crasher where accessibility callbacks where calling dead objects.

  • Fixed incompatibility with St. Clair Software’s AppTamer that results in bad performance in Illuminate.

  • Changed the close and minimize shortcuts (W and M, respectively) to work regardless of the modifier used to invoke Cycle Windows.

  • Added an option to include minimized windows in Cycle Windows.

  • Changed license information storage from the preference file to the keychain. This will allow the preferences to be thrown away without losing license information.

  • Changed the newsletter signup dialog to no longer automatically select an email address in order to prevent accidental signups.

  • Fixed incompatibility with Rainmaker’s SpellCatcher that caused Illuminate to fail on launch.

Enjoy your software.

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