Most Fortunate Bear Products Discontinued

I regretfully announce that most of Fortunate Bear’s products have been discontinued and support ended effective immediately. Specifically the products terminated are Illuminate, Skyscraper, Pagesmith, and Log Leech. When I acquired these products I had big plans for all of them, which suffice to say didn’t work out. I will spare you the details, but in broad strokes I was unable to make them financially viable.

My company, Fortunate Bear, has now switched to being primarily focused on providing software development services for Mac and iOS.

However, two products did survive the layoff: Black Maria and Newsline Pro. They did so because I still use them daily. Although I plan to improve them, I consider them side projects and will prioritize them accordingly.

I would like thank the customers of Illuminate, Skyscraper, Pagesmith, and Log Leech for their support. I am sorry that things didn’t work out better.

Available for Contracting

I am now available for doing Mac and iOS contracting through my company, Fortunate Bear. Email me at andy at fortunatebear if you’re interested.

Release of RSS Feed Reader, Newsline Pro

I’m doing a soft release of my new product, Newsline Pro. It’s an RSS reader, fetcher, and store-er thingie similar in concept to Google Reader. It stores full feeds (individual entries up to a year), and keeps track of read and favorite status. It has a responsive, Retina enabled web app so you can catch up on your feeds from any device.

Go to to find out more and sign up for a free trial.

If you’re a developer, you can check out the Newsline server source code and the API documentation.